Why Airport Taxis Make So Much Sense
6 - Feb - 2012

Why Airport Taxis Make so Much Sense



There are several reasons why using an airport taxi service like ours here at Airports Pickups London to get to Heathrow Airport makes a lot more sense than opting for public transport. 

It’s quicker
When it comes to travelling by public transport, you always have to allow for the fact that buses frequently get caught up in traffic and trains often run late. Naturally, this is far from ideal when you are looking to arrive in good time for something as important as an international flight. Happily, there are no such concerns when using our dedicated Heathrow Airport taxi service as our cars are always punctual and operate without incident.

It’s more convenient
The UK’s public transport services have an unenviable reputation for being ludicrously over-priced and woefully under-efficient. Sadly, this reputation is largely well-earned. Indeed, even when train, coach and bus services do run to time, the generally poor customer service makes for a less than enjoyable experience. In contrast, a simple phone call or online booking with us here at Airports Pickups London is all that’s needed to ensure your affordable Heathrow taxi will be waiting for you at the exact time you stipulated. Furthermore, you can rest assured that the service you receive will be professional, courteous and friendly.

With competitive prices, professional drivers, unrivalled punctuality and high-quality service; we here at Airports Pickups London really can provide Heathrow transfers that are much quicker and far more convenient than any public transport option.