Corporate Accounts For Heathrow Taxi Users
5 - Mar - 2012

Corporate accounts for Heathrow taxi users


For those who need to book or use a Heathrow taxi service frequently, there are several advantages to opening a corporate account rather than registering anew every time. Perhaps the most significant is that we give corporate account customers priority- if you need to book a transfer or a taxi even at the most frantic time of day on the busiest travelling day of the year, we'll do absolutely everything in our power to make sure it happens. What's more, we'll do our best to make sure it happens as smoothly as possible. 

Our cars can make sure your executives are suitably looked after at all times, and that all your staff get where they need to go quickly and simply, with the minimum of admin effort on your part. The services, whether Cambridge to Heathrow or London to Luton, are fast and extremely reliable. In the unlikely event that something doesn't go quite right customer services are available around the clock. 

There is no need for corporate account customers to pay immediately. Monthly invoicing options (possibly taking in anything from one to dozens of different trips from London to Gatwick or through any of London's transport hubs) are available. A 30 day credit period is also extended to approved clients, as a courtesy. 

Right now there is even a special discount available to new corporate customers, so creating an account is even more worthwhile. To get started just give Oliver a call on 020 8688 7744 or download the form on the Corporate Accounts page and return it to us with your business details.